Decomposed Granite / Fines

Decomposed Granite, or DG as it’s commonly called (we call them fines), is a compactable material formed from the natural weathering and erosion of granitic rock. DG is typically made of easily compactable rock particles 3/8” and smaller. DG is an ideal product for various projects because it is inexpensive, it allows for good drainage, and is more stable than other natural ground cover materials such as gravel. DG can be used for garden pathways, rustic patios, or as a base for stepping stones, pavers, flagstone, and synthetic turf. Placing a weed blocking landscape fabric underneath the DG helps prevent weeds from growing while allowing water to still drain through into the soil below.  Over time some DG will break down and shift with exposure to weather and foot traffic. This can be easily remedied by adding a little more DG and compacting it in these areas as needed.